Friday, 14 July 2017

Smart TV Explained! Do you really need a Smart TV?

Good to see you again and today we'll be discussing the subject of Smart TV. I choose this topic because there's been growth in the demand for Smart TV in recent time and the corresponding affordability of these gadgets.
As the Tech Pro I choose to buy an LG Smart TV a few years ago and have since used it as an electronic gadget for home use and I think you need to get informed in case you already have one or planning to get one.

So the questions are
1. How does Smart TVs work
2. Do I really need a smart tv

Let's now examine the features that makes a TV Smart.

LG Smart TV
LG Smart TV

Supported by and Operating System
The key feature of a Smart TV is an Operating System just like a Personal Computer Operating System. No, not firmware, we talk about a complete operating system that could be replaced at any time. An example of such OS is the WebOS developed by LG Electronics to be used for LG devices including LG Smart TVs.

Network Connectivity
A Smart TV has a network connectivity feature allowing it to join a network just like computers do. A smart tv provide some or all of the following connectivity features
(1) BlueTooth Network Connection
(2) Wireless Network
(3) Wired Network Connection outside the regular coax cable connection(Either Fiber and/or Ethernet)
This means that you can create a home network where your TV belongs in and be able to connect to other devices at home including your PC, phones, tablets etc. That is what I do, so I could watch videos from my laptop without having to move files across.
Another cool feature of network connectivity is remote control application. This allows you to install a remote control app on your phone and then use your phone to control your tv from anywhere(I personally enjoy doing this!)
Then connectivity allows you to connect to the internet from your TV, read and post to Facebook, play Youtube videos, read your emails, surf the web and many more.

Support Application
A smart TV supports application installation. Although you could not install all your favorite applications into the box, you could have interesting apps including games you could download and set up in your TV. For me, I already installed over 20 apps including Flying Pig, Math Game and many more.

Internal Storage
For my LG Smart TV, I think I have 2GB internal storage that allows me to record TV programs and then replay it when I want. This feature is know as Time Machine. This means that you could control realtime TV programs as though they are recorded videos playing from a storage device. This is so interesting for me! Added to that there are a number of ports including USBs and HDMI port that allows you to attach additional storage devices.

Voice Commands
This is one of the most revolutionary features of a Smart TV, make no mistake about it, this feature together with other features give the Smart TV some edge over the PC. With the voice command,  feature, you could 'discuss' with your TV, telling it what to do without having to use your remote control. When you are done watching you could just say: 'Power Off' and and it obeys you. Or you could say 'Next Channel', 'Volume up', 'Volume Down' etc

Having looked at these features, the next question is "Do you Need One?". Note that there is a steep curve in the price difference between a normal TV  and a smart TV. So you need to consider the various factors before you spend even you you have so much. Though if budget is not a constraint, I would recommend to buy but some of the few points below need to be considered:

(1) Do you use your TV  for basic TV functions e.g. watching news and playing videos. Then you may not necessarily need a smart TV for now

(2) Do you stay in an area where internet service is very poor or expensive, then it would be of no use since the features of a Smart TV could only be utilized with a very fast internet connection.

(3) Do you have kid that may possibly like to play with it? Trust me, a smart TV is not a gadget for kids to play with and this means you may have to wait a while until the kids grow up before getting one

(4) Are you a Tech Pro like me? If you are interested in technology and modern trends in related fields, then what are you waiting for?

Video Conferencing Feature
This is another handy feature that allows you to have a video chat with a fried abroad or a meeting with colleagues in different locations. 

Final Notes
A smart TV is an innovation that could really replace the conventional one in years to come. And I'll say that after considering the factors and find out you need it, by all means, buy! It would be one of the best gadgets you'll ever have in your home.