Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Beginner Ethical Hacking Course Outline With Practicals

We in the International Computer Programmer's group are happy to commence creating an Beginner Ethical Hacking Course for you!

Every week we would publish a video lesson on one of the lessons. In this article, take a close look at the outline and be ready to follow up every week when new lessons are produced.
Course Outline

1Introduction to Ethical HackingWatch Video
2Types of HackersWatch Video
3Hacking Terms you Need to KnowWatch Video
4Hacking Applications and ToolsWatch Video
5Hacking SkillsWatch Video
6How to Plan a HackWatch Video
7Introduction to Email HackingWatch Video
8Introduction to SniffingWatch Video
9Hacking Wireless NetworksWatch Video
10More Hacking Tools and TechniquesWatch Video
11Introduction to MetasploitWatch Video
12Introduction to Password HackingWatch Video
13Basics of Human EngineeringWatch Video
14Basics of SQL InjectionWatch Video
15Introduction to DNS PoisoningWatch Video
16Introduction to DDOSWatch Video
17Introduction to TCP/IP Watch Video
18Hacking WebsitesWatch Video
19Introduction to Penetration TestingWatch Video
20How to Protect Yourself from HackersWatch Video

About the Course Outline
Just to let you know that this course would let you have the requisite knowledge to be able to carry on your role as an ethical hacker. Note that  a number of the topic are 'Introduction to...' or 'Basics of...'. This means that you are give a basic knowledge with some hands-on labs and necessary material needed to explore more.

Let's do this!

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