Friday, 30 June 2017

How to Get Anybody's Phone Number

Read This carefully before you continue
Clearly note that I would not bear any responsibility with the outcome of how you use the phone number of the anyone you get through this article. This post is made for technology and training purposes and not meant to be misused in anyway. On this not I advice caution in using whatever phone number you get by applying the steps outlined in this article. I would repeat that The Tech Pro, the owner of this blog would not share responsibility or the outcome of misuse of the information contained on this post. So I would kindly advice you handle with caution, any private information exposed to you by applying the methods outlined. In line with our Privacy Policy we respect privacy of personal information.

Background Information
Having made sure you understand the disclaimer, let me provide some background information.
Data or say information is one of the most valuable assets existing today and most of the richest companies in the world today are Information Technology Companies (simply put, they trade on information). The category of information that rank very high in value is personal information or your private information. 

The question is:
What do you pay to use services like Google, Yahoo, WhatsApp, Facebook? Do you think they are free? 😁😁😁😁😁😀😀😀😀😀😀
Very funny! Then how would they maintain their servers? How would they pay their staff? and so on.

The fact is that, you pay with information, just like trade by batter. They give you the services, you give them the most valuable and most expensive asset you have, information about yourself, you personal data, which includes your location friends, whereabouts, your family data, your emails, just name it.
(Note that all these are outlined in the Agreement you are supposed to read when signing up). How many persons take time to read the agreement anyway?
What pains me in all that nobody determines whether the value of the services they provide is equivalent to what you pay with. That is a story for another day.

Back to The Point
This post would be in 3 parts. This is because of the sensitive nature of the topic being discussed. And be sure that you can only get through if you are sure you would not misuse this information. So we begin with the tools you need.

Tool You Need
1. A Smart phone or a tablet
2. Google Account
3. Facebook Account
4. True-caller App
5. Basic knowledge of ethical hacking ( I would take you through this myself as we progress).
6. Proof that you will not misuse this information (provide this information)
7. A little knowledge of MS Excel(or some other spreadsheet)

How It Works
All personal data collected by the IT organizations, which includes phone numbers are maintained in databases, which is available to you. That does not mean that you can just get it in a single click. You need to have a little knowledge of how to search  large information set. If you have a knowledge databases, then you have an advantage. I would take you through all of this. 

Outside the databases held by IT firms like Facebook and Google, Telecoms service provides like MTN, AT&T, Orange etc maintain a database of phone numbers too. To get into this databases which is also available, you will need a little knowledge of hacking ( I will put you through this).

Telecoms equipment manufacturers like Alcatel, Ericsson, Huawei also maintain a database of Mobile numbers in a highly secure database called Mobility Databases. Two of such databases is call Home Location Register(HLR) and Visitor Location Register(VLR). I would talk explain how this works on an different article.

Added to that Government regulatory bodies like NCC also maintain a database of phone numbers. Although these are not public data store, in some way you can access this information since it also contains your data.

We would continue in Part Two, for now reread the disclaimer and provide me with proof on why you need this information in the comment box below. 

Thank for reading...see you in the next part...