Monday, 25 September 2017

Datarmatics Research Group

I'm going to tell you about this very important group you need to know about if you are member of the academia or engaged in any form of research or if you are a lover of Technology.
The name of the group as you know is the Datarmatics Research Group(DRG). It is also called Datarmatics Digital Research Support or similar designations.

Cross-section of Participants at the 6-day Workshop and Advanced Research Data Analytics
Cross-section of Participants at the 6-day Workshop and Advanced Research Data Analytics held from 4th to 9th of September 2017

About the Group
 The research group was created by Datarmatics Integrated Services Limited, a company registered in Nigeria as an ICT/Research corporation focused on creating enlightenment on the following areas:
1. Advanced Research Data Analytics
2. Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI)
3. Software Engineering, Application Development and Website Development#
4. Artificial Intellingence, Robotics and Advanced Programming
5. Database Administration
6. Video Production
7. Telecommunication/Computer Networking
8. Consultancy and Training Services#
9. Publications
10. Other ICT/Research related areas

The group is based in Port Harcourt Nigeria, with head office Location at:
No 2B, General Diriyai Street
GRA Phase 1
Port Harcourt,
Rivers State, Nigeria

In addition to this it maintains other consultancy units across the country.

Datarmatics Programs
Over the years, Datarmatics have organized workshops, webinars and seminars in a number of topics including Data Science, used of Software Tools in Research Data Analytics, Website Development, Basic Computer Programming etc.
One of these programs is the 6-Day International Advanced Research Data Analytics Workshop held from 4th to 9th of September, 2017 with participants from across the country and consultants from the Unites States, UK and Nigeria.

How to Join the Group
Many have asked questions on the requirements for joining the group. The easiest way is to participate in one of the workshops/seminars held every month. However as a prerequisite, you have have completed a program in a tertiary institution.
You can also request to join any of the Whatsapp group and get real-time updates from the team.

Final Notes
Datarmatics focuses on teamwork. This allows researchers to share knowledge and systematically build a knowledge base where every member of the team could leverage on for professional development